What are the feelings and needs of those affected by the violence in the West Village?

I know that the feelings of those who live in, work in or visit the West Village are fear and anger in response to the ongoing violence which never seems to be acknowledged by our elected officials. Our need is simply to be safe.

I can only guess about the feelings and needs of the young people who commit violence against others. I do know from conversations I’ve had with some of the young people that they are:

Angry, Hurt, and Scared. I am guessing their needs are for acceptance, safety, and respect.

How can we communicate to these young people that they will not get acceptance, safety, or respect by victimizing others? How we can help them understand that their anger, hurt, and fear will not go away just because they lash out at innocent people walking down the street?

I have asked the LGBT Center on 13th Street to please open its doors to these young people at night and to try to meet some of their needs, but they have refused to do so.

I have written to all of our elected officials and have asked them to accurately measure the violence, but they refuse to do so.

I have written to Christine Quinn and have asked for a TAKE BACK THE NIGHT MARCH for EVERYONE – with the message that we all deserve to feel and be safe, but she has not agreed to this idea.

It seems to me that we all have the very same need: the need to be and feel safe.

I appeal to FIERCE, The Door, the many organizations who have mobile units on Christopher St, and our elected officials to call upon www.NYCNVC.com to meet with the young people and do workshops and trainings around Non-Violent Communication.




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