We’ve had more Hate-Crime in the West Village

Sadly, a man was beaten badly a few nights ago on Christopher St. and 7th Ave. It is believed to be a hate crime. What we need to remember is that hate crime goes all ways – just as hate directed at someone because they are LGB or T is reprehensible, so is hate directed at someone because they are not LGBT. Regardless of what aspect of someone’s race, color, gender, sexuality, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, or whatever is what is disliked and motivates a crime – it is still a hate crime.

Therefore, hate crimes can be committed against any of us. Hate crimes can be committed BY any of us. Hopefully we all choose NOT to commit hate crimes. We are ALL vulnerable to this kind of despicable crime – and we are all responsible for choosing NOT to engage in such hateful and criminal behavior.

Someone once said to me once in an attempt to explain why so many of the young troubled people on Christopher St. are violent towards others, that they get beat up and harassed alot in their home schools, families, and neighborhoods. THAT DOESN’T MATTER! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR VICTIMIZING OTHERS!

When someone is victimized because of their sexuality whether that sexuality is assumed to be LGBT or straight – it is still a hate crime. Let FIERCE give a lecture on this topic to its membership and make this very clear. When the young people who hang out in the West Village harass, follow, threaten, scream at, rob, grab, punch, kick, trip, mug, stab, or otherwise bother others – they are committing hate crimes just as despicable as what landed this latest victim in the intensive care unit.

So, kids, STOP screaming in our ears, following us, threatening us, touching and grabbing us, harassing us, robbing us, hitting us, kicking us, tripping us, mugging us, and stabbing us. When you do those things, you are committing hate crimes.

And, even if you disagree that you’re committing hate crimes, (though you are), you are still committing CRIMES.

We all deserve to be safe.

Be sure to make a contribution to the Christopher St. Patrol and the Guardian Angels when you get a chance. And, be safe.



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