A Comparison of Safety in the WV to Safety in other NYC nabes

I lived in Washington Heights for about 8 years before I moved to the charming West Village. I felt safer in Washington Heights. Yes, there were drug dealers there, but they never bothered me. I could take a lovely stroll at night and enjoy the crisp spring air or the warm summer air and say hello to neighbors who were also out walking.

In the West Village, I am not safe despite the heroic efforts of The Christopher Street Patrol, The Guardian Angels, and the 6th Precinct Police Officers who walk their beats.

The young people who enjoy terrorizing others in the West Village do not do so when the police, guardian angels or Street Patrol people are around.

We need undercover police who can catch the perpetrators of violence in the act.

We also need a study of the violence to measure just how bad it is. Scott Stringer funded a study to measure the prevalence and severity of sexual harassment of women on NYC subways.

I am a woman and have experienced sexual harassment on the NYC subway system; it’s awful to be leered at, groped, or rubbed up against. Absolutely terrible. But the violence that is perpetrated against all residents, merchants, and visitors to the West Village is FAR WORSE than subway sexual harassment.

I know; I’ve experienced both multiple times.

To Scott Stringer: FUND a study of West Village violence by using a simple survey. Do it inexpensively by allowing me to design the questions at no charge. I studied instrument (measurement) design in grad school at Columbia. I will gather volunteers to go to every address within certain West Village parameters that have reported complaints about the rampant violence in the West Village, and we will urge people to go to surveymonkey to our online survey and complete it.

The violence in the West Village is far more severe and far more prevalent than subway sexual harassment, but Scott Stringer will not even acknowledge that it is a problem.

If you have been verbally or physically assaulted, please comment and let us know what your experiences have been, what you did afterward, if the police were involved, if the perpetrators were caught, and what happened to them, if anything.

Contact me at: www.LoveAndWorkCoach.com


One Response to A Comparison of Safety in the WV to Safety in other NYC nabes

  1. Thanks. Please spread the word about this important blog. We need our elected officials and the media to acknowledge this violence problem in the West Village.

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