West Village Residents Brace for Warm Weather


West Village residents brace themselves for the lovely warm weather we all anticipate because our NYC politicians refuse to acknowledge the hate crime epidemic that has existed for more than 18 years against residents, merchants, and visitors to the WV from scores of troubled youths who regularly use racial epithets, threats, and violence against anyone they perceive to be more vulnerable than themselves.

I will be making a documentary film about the realities of this violence and will also be consulting with the Federal Department of Justice for assistance.

I have been writing to Christine Quinn and other offices since 2002 BEGGING them to do educational pamphlets for the troubled young people who visit the WV and who take their anger out on others – so they will know how to behave like neighbors AND to please create an ANNUAL TAKE BACK THE NIGHT MARCH for EVERYONE – to make the important point that EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO SAFETY!!!!

Even if these young people are harassed and oppressed and experience violence becuase they are LGBT, that does NOT give them the right to commit violence against others. Most residents and merchants in the WV have tremendous compassion for these young people and fully support LGBT rights. We do not deserve – as nobody deserves – VIOLENCE.

I have walked down Christopher St. many times only to be threatened, grabbed, called a “White Bitch”, followed, had things thrown at me, and many times, have had a young person scream very loudly in my ear, intentionally as they walk by¬† me. All of this is violence and it MUST STOP.

Contact me at: www.LoveAndWorkCoach.com