Of Course We’re Stronger Together


Of Course We’re Stronger Together.




In The Tank For Obamacare!


In The Tank For Obamacare!.

Navigating Through Twitter


Navigating Through Twitter.

Navigating Through Twitter


An Excellent article by @AZModerate – Navigating Through Twitter.

Ethnography of Trolling: Workarounds, Discipline-Jumping & Ethical Pitfalls (3 of 3)


Ethnography of Trolling: Workarounds, Discipline-Jumping & Ethical Pitfalls (3 of 3).

What Will Yetta Do About the Hate Crime in the West Village?


Those of us who live in the West Village know there is a serious hate-crime problem here.

The large majority of the perpetrators of this hate-crime are LGBT youth who visit the West Village.

West Villagers are known for their full support of the LGBT community, and I perosnally share that. I want all LGBT persons to enjoy every liberty that any other US citizen enjoys, and I feel very strongly about this.

Some of the LGBT youth who visit the West Village are good neighbors, but many are not.

Here are the assaultive behaviors WV residents, merchants, and visitors tolerate from many LGBT youth:

Being spit at or on
Being verbally harassed
Being verbally sexually harassed
Being followed
Being threatened with robbery
Being called a “white bitch”, a “chink bitch”, or other racial epithets
Being robbed
Being stabbed
Being mugged
Being beaten
Having already-eaten chicken wings thrown at them
Being punched or nearly punched in the face
and a favorite of many LGBT youth, having an LGBT youth scream directrly and intentionally and loudly into your ear just as they walk next to you and pass you by.

These are all assaultive, violent behaviors and they are aimed at anyone who appears vulnerable: women walking alone, the elderly, the disabled, even children.


Certainly, we as a community must have compassion for and want our tax dollars to help these young people We want them to get their needs met. We want them to have:

Health care
Career Counseling
Job placement
Acceptance for who they are

I want to see all of these young people get their needs met and develop into happy, healthy, productive law-abiding citizens who have joy in their lives.

And, I fully understand that these young people are severely marginalized and are rightly angry about many things.

HOWEVER: they must STOP taking their anger out on anyone in their path who appears vulnerable to them and unable to defend themselves. THEY are ONLY perpetrating abuse and violence and IT MUST STOP!

I have asked Scott Stringer and Chirstine Quinn many times to organize a TAKE BACK THE NIGHT MARCH — FOR EVERYONE to send a CLEAR MESSAGE that not only do LGBT youth deserve to be able to come to the West Village where they say they feel comfortable and accepted, but that EVERYONE ELSE ALSO DESERVES SAFETY!!!!

YETTA! What will you do?